What makes us different

One network for all. For founders, arable farmers, dairy manufactures, bakers, gardeners, farm shop owners, dairy farmers, sheep and goat farmers, nature protectionists, consultants, social workers… (and many more).

A diverse forum. We offer ideal surroundings in which scientists, colleagues and students can exchange ideas.

Solutions for your company. Through participation in study or research projects, you will get answers to your company’s questions
Qualified new employees. You will get to know potential new employees through internships, students project work and dissertation / thesis students.

Why you should participate

Exiting research and learning projects. You can participate in innovative research and learning projects. Through which you gain access to the University’s infrastructure.

Issues. The students help you to solve problems you keep putting off.

Valuable inspiration. You gain innovative ideas for your company.

Suitable solutions. You can work with us to develop individual solutions for you and your company.

Competent teams. Students work together with practioners and researchers from our University.

New perspectives. Through the students you get an outsider’s view of your company’s activities.