Knowledge transfer

What makes us different

Diverse interaction. There are possibilities to connect with people from different backgrounds from education to consultation.

A practical approach. We offer support according to your needs.

Innovative teaching methods. Through our emphasis on self-driven learning, students get insights into real day to day problems of organic food and farming companies.

Together instead of alone. We work in small groups, which strengthens team spirit. Student led projects are assisted by teachers of the University and by people who work in the field.

New chances. The innovation’s potential of the organic branch is made visible and usable through the forum.

Why you should participate

A feeding ground of innovation. The Innoforum creates space to inspire and support innovation.

Innovative Thinking. Through communication and networking, not only are the innovation and learning processes of students, practitioners, and researchers inspired and supported but also that of the advisers.

Stronger together. Projects are carried out together with actors of the knowledge system. In this way the results of all participants get the results they need.

Win/win. Through working together with scientific findings and practical experience everyone can benefit.